PASADENA, CA — A swarm of bees shut down a city block in Pasadena and sent five people, including three first responders, to the hospital Thursday.

It all started with a bee sting.

Authorities received a call about a bee sting Thursday afternoon, and when they arrived on the scene, the “whole block was covered with an influx of bees,” according to Lisa Derderian, Public Information Officer for the city of Pasadena.

The first firefighter was stung multiple times by bees while treating one patient at the scene. A second firefighter and a police officer were also attacked by the swarm of angry bees.

Derderian said the city has seen bee swarms before but “nothing to this magnitude.” According to a broadcast report, seven people in total were injured.

Ultimately, a professional beekeeper was sent to the scene to safely remove the hive from the building, which is on Colorado Boulevard between South Bonnie and North Sierra Bonita avenues, according to Derderian.

City officials were asking nearby Pasadena City College students to stay inside until the bees are removed, and Colorado Boulevard near the scene remained closed while authorities worked to remove the agitated swarm.