PHOENIX — A video of a woman who refused to wear a mask in a central Phoenix nail salon Saturday has gone viral.

The incident took place at Du Nails on 7th Street and Glendale Avenue, according to a report from Fox 10 Arizona. The woman in question did not wear a mask during her pedicure and launched into a rant when another customer asked her to put one on. The video — which contains profanity — can be seen here.

“I am fighting for the last shred of civil rights that we have, you’re too stupid to figure it out,” the unidentified woman said in the video.

When a customer explained to her that wearing a mask is “the law,” the woman replied, “It’s not, you’re just bending to it.”

The city of Phoenix has required face coverings to be worn in public places since June 20 as Arizona’s coronavirus cases began to surge.

When a salon staff member approaches the woman and asks her to lower her voice or she will be forced to call the police, the woman refuses.

“I will not lower my voice,” the woman said. “I will not. Call them and maybe they’ll arrest me for yelling.”

This is not the only anti-mask video to come out of Arizona since the pandemic began. A video of a woman in Scottsdale destroying a mask display at Target made the internet rounds in July. Similarly, footage of a man being carried out of a Tucson Sprouts store by his son after refusing to wear a mask went viral in August.