DENVER, CO — Denver City Council voted Monday night to remove the pit bull ban that’s been in place for 30 years. In a 7-4 vote, the council passed a new law that would require pit bull owners to get a breed-restricted license and register their dog with Denver Animal Protection. With Mayor Michael Hancock’s approval, the new code will take effect in 90 days.

Some Denver residents who oppose ending the ban on the breed have personal accounts of pit bull attacks; however many have called the ban, which was enacted in 1989, “uninformed” and “out of date.”

Under the new law, Denver pit bull owners would need to give their dog’s name, address and two emergency contacts. Proof of the dog’s microchipping, vaccination and neutering or spaying would also have to be provided. If a pit bull dies, escapes or bites someone, Denver Animal Protection would have to be notified immediately.

The new code would also cap the number of pit bulls in one home to two. If owners abide by the new code for three years, they no longer need a breed-restricted license and their pit bull can be licensed with the same requirements as other dogs.