SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA — More than 1,000 cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed in San Diego County.

County health officials Friday announced 146 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and an additional death from the disease, bringing the region’s totals to 1,112 cases and 17 deaths. The latest victim was a man in his late 70s.

The new cases represent the largest increase in county cases since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Surpassing 1,000 cases in the county should “reinforce to us all the difficult road ahead, the seriousness of the challenge we face, but most importantly, should serve as a call to action,” Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said.

“We must fully commit to flattening the curve,” he said.

On Thursday, the county announced amended public health orders in an effort to further slow the spread of the virus in April.

“In an ever-changing situation, in an ever-evolving challenge of confronting coronavirus, our guidance, our instructions, our public health orders will continue to change as well,” Fletcher said.

Parking lots at parks and beaches were closed. All group activities such as basketball and volleyball were prohibited. Activities such as walking, hiking, and biking will still be permitted.

Essential businesses that remain open must now post-social distancing and sanitization guidelines near the entrance of their business by Tuesday.

Employees of essential businesses who interact with the public are now required to wear face coverings. These include grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants. The county added restaurants to the list after the Thursday news briefing.

The new order will go into effect at midnight Friday.

Officials also strongly recommended all other residents to wear face coverings when leaving home.