Who is the “Local Records Office” and What is an $89.00 Property Deed?

The real estate company Local Records Office has been making a big buzz lately on the Internet and on blogs. New homeowners found an easy way to find the value of their assets by using a service by a company called Local Records Office, let’s take a step back and break down who “Local Records Office” really is.

Local Records Office is far from local; they’ve been working with people all across the United States since the early ’90s. Once based in Los Angeles, California they have expanded to multiple cities. The company works with potential homeowners, new homeowners, and current homeowners. This real estate business has become quite a trend among new homebuyers that many brokers and agents have recommended the service before buying a property.

Is the Company Local Records Office Based in Los Angeles, California?

Local Records Office has multiple offices across the United States, even though it doesn’t have any walk-in offices it offers its services on the phone and online just like popular companies like eBay and Amazon. Don’t let this discourage you they have awesome customer service where homebuyers can call them Monday to Friday 8 am-5 pm to help anyone with any questions.

How are the Services “Local Records Office” Offers Different from Any Other Online Real Estate Company?

Local Records Office focuses on the customer’s needs and not on what they ‘might’ need. The services Local Records Office offers are very simple, homeowners provide them with a property address, and they will take that property address and will generate a unique property report that will include:

  • Property value report
  • The student to teacher ratio
  • Crime report
  • Demographics
  • Foreclosure activity
  • Value of land
  • Copy of deed
  • Neighborhood population
  • Basic owner and 2nd owner information
  • and additional data

Is the Report Instant or is it Shipped? If so How Long Does it Take to Get to Me?

The report is not instant. The staff at the Local Records Office generates it and prints it right there and then. It’s a first come first served basis, mailing goes out every Friday evening. The report takes approximately 10-21 business days for clients to receive. The client will receive a big white envelope that shows the information on the property and a copy of the deed.

How Much Does Local Records Office Service Costs?

Local Records Office charges a small one-time fee of $89. Let’s be honest, $89 is not a lot of loot, most of us spend more on our crappy cellphone bills every month. This is how it works; homeowners call Local Records Office customer service at 1(800) 790-0721 and the buyer provides them with a property address, pays the small $89 fee, and just waits for the package to arrive in the mail.

With Many Real Estate Online Scams How Does Local Records Office Secure it’s Clients Privacy?

Local Records Office takes its client’s privacy seriously, and any types of scams and funny business are something that is not tolerated. The website is secure with the latest protocol secure communication is also known as HTTPS. The website is scanned and overlooked daily. Therefore, the customer service team is screened before being able to join the Local Records Office team. Also, the Local Records Office investigates all scams, complaints, and bad online reviews (IF ANY).

I Received a Second Letter After Purchasing my Property Profile Report from the Local Records Office What Should I Do?

The second letter or ‘offer’ is something the Local Records Office sends to all customers for a chance to receive a second property report for a different property address that is valid for a friend, relative, or neighbor. The offer is only optional and clients are not required to pay.

Why Does my Service Letter Have a ‘Please Respond By’ Date or Expiration Date?

Also, the service letter has a “please respond by” to help the Local Records Office keep track of when and where the services are being offered. Therefore, potential clients are not required to respond by that date and may keep the letter for further purchase, though, the service is not required to be purchased the service is extremely helpful.

Is the Company “Local Records Office” Associated With the Government or City Records Office?

Local Records Office is not associated with any government agencies or records offices in any city. The company gets public information by using local county services.

Why Does the Envelope Have a “Warning” Printed on the Front?

The warning label is printed in the front of the envelope to protect homeowners from any type of wrongdoing from anyone that wants to steal or open mail that does not belong to him or them.

Is There Another Ways to Purchasing the Property Profile Report Besides Calling Customer Service?

Calling customer service is not the only way to purchase a property report. Homeowners may visit www.LocalRecordsOffice.com to purchase by debit or credit card. The website is up to date with secure payment options.

Contact Us

Address: 2202 S. Figueroa St., #406, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Toll-free phone number – 1(800) 790-0721

Hours of business – Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed weekends and holidays)