Local Records Office in Bellflower, CA Finds Your Hidden Property History

The company Local Records Office from Bellflower, California has been making a big buzz on the Internet and it’s been trending on social media because according to the “Local Records Office” they track your property’s long-lost history.

You may be asking “My property’s history?” Yes. See, when you first purchase a home the real estate agent could only get basic information on the homes they’re selling, so they might miss information on how the house has been in foreclosure for the past 10 years before you came along.

To make it even worst your real estate agent may see the bad history and but neglects to tell you. SMH. Why? Because if the agent tells the potential homeowner that the home has had a history of burglaries, foreclosure activity, and water damage the possible homebuyer(s) may not proceed with the sale.

Most of the real estate agents and brokers get paid commission only if they close the deal. This means that the agent will sugarcoat the property and even worst they might tell you everything you want to hear so you could buy the home.

The Company Local Records Office Finds the Secret Foreclosure Activity Your Real Estate Agent Didn’t Tell You

This is where southern California’s company “Local Records Office” comes in; they generate a property history report for any property. They will dig deep to find any history your real estate agent might have “forgotten”. This property report is crucial because finding what your home has been through is important to most of us and therefore we could know what to expect.

Is a Property History Report the Only Thing the Local Records Office Offers?

Local Records Office offers a complete property report this is what’s inside;

  • Your home’s complete history since it was first built. This information is important because the real estate broker may have told you the house was built in 1950 when it was really built in 1930 and you may have paid a ton more for that error.
  • Foreclosure activity. Foreclosure activity will most likely lower your property’s value to an all times low. Homes that have been in foreclosure are at higher risks of being avoided by homebuyers because of the value drop that will potentially cause a domino effect and affect the value of the home in the neighborhood.
  • Crime report in the neighborhood. A detailed crime report is crucial to many families with younger kids, the last thing parents want to do is move into a gang, drug, and crime-infested neighborhood. Many of the lower-income neighborhoods have a greater chance of being targets for crime and burglaries.
  • The average price that the county puts on your property. The price that the county the home is in might be different from what the price tag on your home is.
  • A paper copy of the property’s deed. A paper copy of your home’s deed will be provided for ownership verification. You may be surprised at how many people think they are on the deed but really are not.
  • Demographics. This information pretty much determines the character of the neighborhood.
  • The student-to-teacher ratio. This is one of the most important features the Local Records Office offers for families with children who attend a school or will be attending in the future. The Student-to-teacher ratio is the number of teachers per student.
  • Swimming pool information (if any). This feature doesn’t qualify for every home; this is only for houses that have swimming pools on the property.
  • Property details. Specific details that your real estate agent didn’t tell you on the property.
  • Additional information. This may be important property information on the house but it varies by address.

How Could Potential Homebuyers and New Homeowners Get a Property Report from the Company Local Records Office?

Local Records Office offers its services in many different ways, you could visit the website at www.LocalRecordsOffice.com or call the Local Records Office customer service at 1 (800) 790-0721 from Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm.

New homeowners may also receive a promotional letter in the mail offering services from them. Whatever way you decide to go about contacting the Local Records Office you will be satisfied. Also here is a guide the Local Records Office created.

How Long Does it Take for Me to Receive the Property History Report?

As we mentioned before the team at the Local Records Office works hard to dig deep for all the information possible for the house and that process may take a bit of time so they suggest that you wait 10-21 business days.

How Much is the Property History Report from the Local Records Office?

This is what most of you have been waiting for, the price. The team at the Local Records Office takes its time on each report to find the most if not all the information there is for each property and the small fee they charge is only $89. Let’s be honest folks $89 is not a lot, I spend more shopping online on an ordinary afternoon. YIKES.

Our Honest Review

We try to keep our reviews as honest as possible, I think this “property history report” by the folks at “Local Records Office” sounds like a deal. It’s like some sort of CARMAX but for your property, if you ask me. I think every real estate agent should step his or her game up and provide a report like the Local Records Office does or at least something similar, because it’s like going in blind in the real estate market.

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