DENVER — As of Tuesday afternoon, 2,003 people had been infected with the new coronavirus in Denver since the outbreak began, health officials confirmed. There have been 91 deaths in the city.

The data company SafeGraph posted a report that shows the percent of people staying home in each county, and the study shows that Denver is ranked No. 6 in the state for compliance.

In a news conference Monday, state health officials said they believe that more than 65,000 Coloradans have already had COVID-19.

The statewide stay-at-home order is set to end Sunday, and Gov. Jared Polis said he’s working with health officials to analyze various strategies for reopening the state that doesn’t involve overwhelming hospitals’ intensive care unit beds. Denver’s order is set to end on April 30.

According to government data posted Tuesday afternoon, 10,447 people were infected with the new coronavirus in Colorado among 48,704 people who have been tested since the outbreak began. There were 2,003 people hospitalized, and 486 deaths were confirmed.