6 Home Renovation Checklist After the COVID-19 Pandemic (VIDEO)

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for everyone for the past year. The Coronavirus brought the United States to its knees by impacting the economy and separating families. The pandemic also made more people take the step from renting to buying a home. While some are settling in others are ready to start renovations to make their home feel like home-sweet-home. Some homeowners don’t know exactly how to take the first step to get the most out of their renovation. The Local Records Office in Los Angeles created 6 clever ways to get homeowners to start their DIY projects on the road.

1. Keep it As Clean As Possible

The best thing you could do is to keep your home clean and uncluttered, not is it one of the best things to do but it’s also one of the least expensive. It’s a proven fact that keeping your house clean will make you feel clean too. Each year most of us bring in a mountain of things we don’t end up using or that take up tons of space. We acquire things that end up in the closet or in the back of the garage collecting dust. Without regular purging, closets end up overflowing, and become hard to find things.

When it comes to cleaning not a lot of us look forward to it, vacuuming, washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the tub is something that doesn’t get us excited. So before the year ends I decided to write down when and what I need to clean. That way I know ahead of time and I will get it done once and for all. A home renovation should upgrade the existing home. It should make it more modern and sleek.

2. Organize Your Apartment or House With Affordable Storage Bins

Getting organized is not a one-time thing, it’s an ongoing project, but getting started with storage bins and separating your things goes a long way. If you’re one of those people that’s been collecting things the entire years break it down room-by-room, that way you won’t have to do it all at once. If room-by-room is still overwhelming for you start breaking it down and work on it for a few hours on the weekends. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact clearing and organizing have on your everyday life.

3. Don’t Take Your Chances and Keep Yourself and your Family Safe

Keeping your family safe should be your first concern when it comes to renovation. The holidays are when most crimes are committed. Crooks and thieves know that the holiday season is the time when most people buy and receive the most gifts and those gifts are usually flat-screen Televisions, computers, stereos, cameras, etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The holidays are also the best time to update your security system or just simply replace the batteries of your smoke detector. Or even checking if your fire hydrant isn’t expired.

4. Finish A Forgotten Home Project

We all have unfinished projects that we started but never finished either because we didn’t have enough time or the right tools. Whether you rent or own unfinished projects are relative. Some projects might be too big to finish but you could start by finishing at least one before the year ends. Once you finish chances are you’ll feel good about what you accomplished and start working on the others. Don’t go all in because you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed, try working on one project per week or month, start small. Write down the unfinished projects you would like to work on. On your calendar so you’ll be reminded every time you see it, don’t be afraid to be specific, write down everything that needs to be done and by when.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Upgrading Your Furniture or Electronics

There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of your renovation. Upgrading the living room or the bedroom is something we all want once in a while. Sometimes we see something we like in magazines, and television shows, or other times things go out of style. Another great reason to upgrade and make your home more appealing is that the year is ending and you’ll have a new start next year.

Start by getting yourself a new set of sofas; upgrade that old bulky television with the rabbit ears or go small and upgrade your bedsheets. Some people think upgrading an appliance like a refrigerator or stove comes a long way. If income is a problem for you save a few dollars every paycheck until you have a good amount, don’t forget to look online for deals and clearance items.

6. Save Money by Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Start the New Year by saving money on your electricity bill. Solar panels are known for saving people tons of money every year. Solar panels are so eco-friendly and they’ll start generating money for you, all while helping the environment. Can’t beat that. Don’t forget to switch your light bulbs for eco-friendly light bulbs that last much longer and are safer. When homeowners install solar panels they might even be eligible for a tax rebate.

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